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Location & Activities

The Kekova island region is one of the most blue and beautiful regions of the South-west Turkey. There are still many remains of the old cultures who lived in this area. The region is an excellent place for swimming, diving and all kinds of water sports. The best place to start your visit to region is Üçağız.

You can reach Üçağız by car or by bus. The road to Üçağız is leaving the main road 15 km before Kaş, coming from Demre (Kale). Üçağız is a small fishing village with about 400 inhabitants.


From here you can visit the Sunken (or underwater) City. It is an old village on the Kekova Island, which has sunken into the sea. As you are passing slowly by a boat, you can see the houses and stairways just on the coast of island, and underneath the water. Just a few kilometres away from the Sunken City, you can visit the beach of Tersane, which means “shipyard” in Turkish. It is a lovely blue bay. On the beach, you can see the ruins of a church and some houses.

About 30 minutes’ trip by boat from Ucagiz, you can arrive to Aperlae, an old Lycian city. There is still a Roman city-wall with several gates, a church and a chapel. The remains of the harbour are sunken into to water today; a quay and associated buildings are lying underneath the water. You can swim in an amazing blue sea, between the ruins of Aperlae.

Fisher woman

The two bigger towns near to Ucagiz are Kas (about 30 km) and Demre (about 20 km). Kas is the most charming place at the Lycian coast.
The town kept its original atmosphere as a fishing village. But on the other hand, you can enjoy the town with a lot of restaurants, shops, etc. Kas has a little yacht marina. You can do all kind of watersports here, we specially suggest you scubadiving. In the middle of the town, still exists an old tomb.

Demre is the new name of ancient Myra, where St.Nicholas resitated. The ruin of his 11th century basilic is really important monument. Ancient Lycian city Myra is famous with its rock tombs. Close to the rock caves, there is a well-preserved Roman theatre. Click here to visit a great site about Lycian civilization.

There are several possibilities to stay overnight. Onur Pension & Restaurant is one of these possibilities. The village has a small street with souvenir, carpet, jewelry, etc. shops. There are ruins of an old fortress and a stairway going through the sea. The houses are very old; still same from Lycian time. There are several Lycian tombs in and next to the village. Some of them are really special; like the one with a man onto it. Just next to the Üçağız, there is Kaleköy ( ancient Simena ).

There is a big fortress in the hills of Kaleköy, which is well-preserved since middle-age. Inside the fortress, there is a little charming theatre. From the fortress, you have an excellent view; you can see all the area. Just outside the castle, there are several well-preserved tombs and a ruins of a temple. The atmosphere in both villages are really friendly.


Another nice bay, Burc is also half an hour by boat from Ucagiz. It is a breathtaking blue bay. You can swim in the green bluish water where is coming partly fresh water out of an underground well. On the hill there is an old castle, which gave this name to bay. Not so far away from Burc, there is Blue Cave. You can enter the cave by small boats, it is about 20 meters in length until the small beach inside. Close to the Blue Cave, you have to see the Gokkaya Bay.
It is an excellent place for swimming and all water sports. If you like dancing, you can enjoy your night here at the one of the discotheques. But you can reach here only by boat!!!

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